After a couple of line up changes we have now settled into a 3 piece, G, Meyrick and Dave. If you can’t come and see us you’ll probably hear us.

Loads of new songs, loads of old songs, fast ones, slow ones, loud ones, louder ones,
big amps, nasty pedals. Damn Heavy.

What a mutha fucka! I mean who does he think he is? Late last night , we were sat there chillin’ with our bro R.L and this one eyed freak comes over and demands R.L’s lady. Well I can tell you this did not go down well at all, One big uppercut from R.L certainly told this guy that he was not letting him have his women for shit! Damn though, this guy did not give up though. Jumping off stage we had to have a go on this crazy freak. This fucka would not go down, he took a guitar shot upside his head and just looked at us as if to say “come on is that all ya got!” Now i’ve seen some people take some shots but a Telecaster to the temple is one mean fucking hit! “Hahahahahahahha” said this one eyed freak, “you guys know how to make a hit!” Pissing blood from his head on to the guitars he turned to us and says “play some fucking Damn Heavy shit, I thought this was a Blues Party… I need a drink! Now where is that bitch I wanted?” We played three tracks and tear the shit out of the place, I mean we rocked the joint to the point that even the doormen were dancing like pussies! This one eyed freak comes over to us and says “I wanna’ have a drink with you guys, you can sure as hell play the blues!” So after 16 hours of drinking whiskey, wine and gin, endless games of poker, this freak stands up and says “gentlemen it’s been a pleasure but I have to go and fuck someone up now!” He leaves outta’ the door and we never see him again! Turned out his name was White Dolemite! What a prick, but we liked him!

White Dolemite